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(Nov 26, 2014) Mark said:
Good Morning Pete,
Mark here I have a EX 650 thanks for all the great tips and info.

(Nov 16, 2014) simon said:
hi pete,
great website. i have been in love with the ex1000 for years, they are bomb proof. just wondered why this is so. it must have been honda very last side valve engine and still being made into 2000. what's the highest number of hours you have seen on one of these little wonders?? not so sure about spares though...seem hard to find. all the best. simon

(Nov 16, 2014) Bruce Hewitt(The Tankbusters) said:
Hi Peter
Always run my business on a simple principle, if it don't turn you on, get some one in. Talk to me about diesel fuel contamination no problem. Talk to me about engines? Then talk to me in Chinese.
Your sight convinced me about a couple of nagging thoughts,that you hit thel nail on the head. Why use petrol and lpg? The other was diy lpg conversions? Both I have to say made a lot of sense and is appreciated.

l been looking at what appears to be nearly new but used generators for my Dutch Barge.
Being charged 31p a unit on my mooring for electric? . My work shop that uses the same supplier N. Power at commercial rate is 18p in round figures?. The owner has been told his over charging but talk to a brick wall?
So it's time to look at a generator option. Your thought please. Mains supply is going into a Vecton 2kw inverter charger 12v & 240v. Qty 4 x 110 amp auxiliary batteries feeding led lighting all the other appliances are 240v. Fridge Freezer. TV Washing machine Tumble dryer . Vacuum cleaner.laptop the usual appliances. By switching from direct supply 240v to inverter, I know I'll be hitting my batteries trade price to me is around £80 per battery

We all know Honda is the better option but so is the price? Have been looking at Hyundai HY2000SEI LPG/Petrol.

I would appreciate your advice please on the generator kw size and makes.
Finally what part of the UK are you
The Tankbusters.

(Nov 1, 2014) jon said:
hi pete, great website......i think of you as fred dibnah's electrical cousin......quick question, what do you think of the older (70's,80's and early 90's) other japanese made small petrol suitcase sets like yanmar and yamaha. i have a few chinese honda clones and iam sick to death of their lacking quality. kind of got to the stage where i think a few older jap made sets would be of more dependable use. i value things that are dependable and very well engineered and made. bitterly regret buying machines made in china. also interested in the ex5,500 if its a bomb proof larger set ?? which of the hondas are 4 stroke. ?? thanks for your efforts. jon

(Sept 24, 2014) Shivers said:
Excellant service, Highly recommended, rang up to order a carbon brushes needed next day, delivered as promised. Save me hiring a genny for an event which would have ended costing me over £40.

(Sept 9, 2014) John Kaiser (MI, USA) said:
I listened and took notes on six to eight different web such as this. Not one mentioned that before taking off the rear to get at the AVR you can spin the dial on voltage adjustment back and fourth, nor reaching in to the throttle and manually revving it. Ours wouldn't work in the middle of the summer so we toughed out two hot "no Power spells" I looked at it today after taking notes last evening and low 'n behold the throttle revving put the power right up to snuff! You are a fine man and saved me and (I am sure others)a lot of time and dollars. Thank you for what you do to help folks and may GOD reward you....John Kaiser

(Aug 31, 2014) Spencer Anderson said:
Your are the first person that seems to be aware of the problem with Honda EX 5500 generators having the oil pump fail due to the nylon oil pump gear. I have personally had the gear replaced on three occasions on three different EX 5500 generators.

I was led to believe by may Honda dealer that it was due to converting the generators to run on propane with the propane kits provided by the Honda Dealer.
Does running the EX 5500 on propane have any effect on the frequency that the nylon oil pump gear needs to be replaced?
Generally the problem occurs after about 800 hours of use.

(Aug 16, 2014) Richard Page said:
Very informative, thank you for all information on Honda generators as I need to buy one for winter camping.

(Aug 11, 2014) frank ambrose said:
Very helpfull and polite you cant go wrong with peat.

(July 18, 2014) Rob MCMURRAY said:
Many thanks ultra fast service correct item excellent advice

(July 17, 2014) Martin Hobson said:
Hi Peter, parts for the EX650 arrived today, brilliant, many thanks. Much quicker than ordering them locally!


(June 30, 2014) Gulam Shaikh said:
Hi Pete
excellent website and content..
I bought an EU65is in Jan this year, LPG Conversion and remote startup,, worked very well i start and run it for 5 mins every 6 weeks as i was told, but tried to start on Saturday (alas ! power cut !), turned out the battery was flat, when first installed we did fit Accumate battery Charger which is permanently connected also anti frost for winter etc , is it normal for the battery to pack up after 6 months, and is there anything you can recommend to avoid this, we do not have reguilar power cuts but when we do it lasts a while, good old country life. any help gratefully received and will be faithfully applied.

(May 13, 2014) Dr Shreenath Prabhu said:
Greetings from a dentist practice from a remote place Ujire in Karnataka India. Your information on generators is very useful. Your technical competencies (know how) and command on every model is superb. I have Honda eu 30is ...wanted to convert the same to LPG, but could not get valid support / advice till I found your info. You stated your experience and thanks for such advice on your page. I wish more Indians do follow the "truth - transparent - technique - use of technology" blend you followed. (Have new/ old gen set prices, service tips, availability on telephone etc suggest your dedication, and use of new technology to serve others) Good luck gentleman. Regards.

(Apr 9, 2014) Peter Mathews said:
We needed a generator right away for our new house build as we are yet to be connected although the house is nearly finished. We also thought it would be a good idea for future use in the event of a power cut. Pete was very helpful in assisting us to make the right choice as we had very little time to spare and very little knowledge about generators.

(Mar 26, 2014) onan commercial 5000 help said:
Gday Pete. Pls genny is a backup supply for a solar house and is crucial for the family..prob is it charges for5 to 10 minutes then no charge .if I turn it off for 30 minutes and start again it does the same ...really really starting to frustrate me and the family...cheers from Australia

(Mar 9, 2014) Colin Dye said:
The information on this site is superb. Pete is very helpful and has supplied me with both new and second hand parts for my eBay bargain basement EU26i generator.

(Mar 3, 2014) Mark Brock said:
Thanks for this very useful site. Just bought a smoky EX650 for £120 off eBay expecting to have to fit new rings. Tried your decoke suggestion and sure enough after 30 minutes running a halogen floodlight I had a little pile of soot and a much cleaner running generator - changed the now nicely hot oil and it's all good!

(Feb 15, 2014) Brenda Dibnah said:
My Grandfather used to swear by you, or swear at you or something.

(Feb 11, 2014) John B (Canada) said:
What a Prince. Very informative and quick to reply. A wealth of information.

Thanks Pete for all your help.

(Jan 6, 2014) Andy Caldwell said:
Hello Pete! I own a tool & equipment store in Farmington, New Mexico, USA. I started the store 33 years ago. We have a good size service department, where we repair all kinds of electric power tools, pneumatic power tools, pneumatic nail guns & stapler, a lot of air compressors, up to 150 HP electric & gasoline driven. recently we have started repairing generators. I've watched a lot of your videos on YouTube. Then went to. Your web site & read many of your posts there. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! for the time & effort that you have put into doing these videos & putting up your web site. I have learned a lot from your efforts.

(Jan 5, 2014) Dave Perrin said:
Only site on www. that I found offering parts to repair a v.old but loved Suzuki. Fault diagnosis 10 out of 10, prompt repair at a fair cost and service with a smile - top bloke, Thks Pete !

(Dec 18, 2013) Olanike said:
Very insightful on LPG generators.

Thanks for a job well done.

(Dec 4, 2013) James Grice, Malton said:
Pete, You are a legend! Our Honda ex4000s generator went down yesterday, But it was an urgent job as its powering lights and sound system on our local lions club santa's sleigh going around the local area nightly for the next 2 weeks, We know nothing about generators and had nobody local to take it to, So after watching your youtube videos and speaking to you we tested a few things and you diagnosed our AVR faulty We paid 3pm and you had it to us by 9am this morning, We have fitted the AVR and new brushes and it runs like a dream, Thank you very much peter, Wish there were more like you!

(Nov 26, 2013) James said:
Hi Pete,
Thanks for producing such a refreshingly down-to-earth website with loads of useful tips. I just wish I had found it before I bought my LPG converted Honda EU30is. I read on here that these can have issues after a while and mine is misbehaving. It doesn't start-up too well and refuses to let the revs settle down unless a load is applied. I am not too keen on this I would like to let it warm up before applying any loads. What could I try to improve the performance, before I consider converting back to petrol?. I bought the generator 2nd hand, here in Spain, so do not know too much about its history. Cheers, James

(Nov 26, 2013) Rod Marshall said:
Dear Pete,
You are a star! As a retired/househusband/ IT guy and teacher may I suggest that you might consider training days for those who might be interested. You could then have them, say for six people at a time and have them on different days for different levels of ability/experience.

In the IT realms these would go for about £500/day, so if you can take the hassle, it would be a nice little earner whilst passing on your undoubted experience and not letting it go to waste!

(Nov 17, 2013) David Scott said:
I don't use my EX650 all that often and am neglectful about running the fuel out. I last paid $65 to have the carburetor cleaned. Your video which I find very well done allowed me to save repeating that expense. Thank you for a job well done.

California, USA

(Oct 30, 2013) Donald Gray said:
A very interesting and informative website. Huge thanks for your efforts.

(Oct 13, 2013) Robbie said:
Thanks so much for your help with replacing the Eco throttle switch on our Honda EU10i. We picked it up today (Sunday) though I understand it arrived at the marina office on Friday. 10 days from shipping to delivery in Puerto Rico is good going. Thanks!


(Sept 16, 2013) Kenny said:
Sent my carb to be cleaned as generator wouldn't tick over, really quick turn around and it now purrs like a kitten :-), well worth getting carb cleaned,tried myself but it still wouldn't run properly so if yours is doing the same don't mess about just get it done, more than worth the £30 cost, thanks again Pete for a very informative site and excellent service
kind regards


(Sept 7, 2013) Ken Griffiths said:
I bought an em650 from a house clearance for £30 :-), snapped their hands off when it was offered, it worked great for about 20 mins then just slowed down and cut out :-(.
After watching your video re carb cleaning it is back up and running, i can only assume that the carb blocked due to old fuel (which i should have know better) as I didn't drain it and replace it,
Excellent video's/helpful tips ,i'm so glad my mate told me about your site
thanks again

(Aug 17, 2013) Gary said:
Hi ,
Pete great site like the videos on the Honda ex 650 keep up the good work helped me a lot thanks.

(Aug 15, 2013) pete (mod) said:
Thanks Jonathan,
My cap is much dirtier than Fred Dibnahs.

As for using high grade fuel, I guess you mean higher octane. I would say that this is inadvisable for generators as one of the problems that generators typically suffer from is carbon build up due to low loading. So if you have a higher octane fuel the build of carbon will be exacerbated in lightly loaded machines. I'm sure that in ballooning the engines are running pretty much flat out, so a higher octane fuel might well be beneficial although I can't see why it would degrade any less quickly than ordinary fuel.
There are various additives like "fuel fit" that are supposed to slow the degradation of fuel but the best solution is to keep the fuel tank full and the carburetor empty when in storage. Its not really practical to drain a fuel tank as it has a detrimental effect on the fuel tap so the best bet is to keep it full to the brim so there is less space for evaporation and a greater thermal inertia within the tank. Keeping the carb empty is simple to do using the drain screw on the float bowl. Another alternative to emptying the float bowl is to run the engine for five minutes once a month to ensure the carb is always full of fresh fuel.
I think that in normal UK temperature conditions leaving fuel stagnant in a carb for more than 6 weeks is unadvisable, The smaller the carb the greater the problem. 6 months standing for a GX160 is risky even if it has fuel stabiliser. I think I would drain the carb and leave the drain screw open until next use.

Many thanks for your comment

(Aug 15, 2013) Jonathan said:
Pete there is a rumour in ballooning where we use honda engines to drive our cold inflation fans that using Hi grade petrol is better as it does not go off as fast? The fans can stand around for as long as 6 months with fuel in them most engines are the common 5 HP 5.5 and 8 HP engines from the GX series

Wondered if you would suggest same in standby generators and or a time period for swapping. I have a 30Ui and and EX 5500 which you converted to dual but I am going to dedicate that big one to lpg.after reading some of your thoughts.

(Aug 14, 2013) Jonathan said:
Pete your site is magic and you should be on TV you are to generators what fred dibnah was to chimneys.

(July 23, 2013) Pete said:
Brenda: I am you Grandfather! Come to the darkside. The force is strong in you.

(July 15, 2013) Brenda Dibnah said:
You look like my Grandad.

(July 3, 2013) Pete said:
@Brian, Holy Moley! I thought you would have joined the CIA and be running the planet from the back seat of a Moggy Minor by now. Yeah I look like my Dad with the flat cap but without it I look like a varnished potato.

(July 1, 2013) Brian said:
Hi Peter

With the flat cap you look like your Dad

Deb says hi


Brian Cade

(June 12, 2013) Miss L Lane, Gotham City (mod) said:
Flew in on a bolt of lightning and changed my life!



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